The Creative Path

by Capes Coaching

You’re A Talented, Committed CREATIVE
On A Non-Traditional Career Path.

Despite the odds you are bravely charting your career in an unforgiving industry.

But it feels like you’ve lost your compass and you are not living up to your potential.

The Creative Path is designed to empower you to take control of your life and career vision so you have a game plan, you’re in charge and you make the calls. You’re not at the mercy of gatekeepers or anyone else, for that matter.

Say goodbye to being reactive. Your Path is waiting…

Watch This Note From Betsy Capes!

For nearly 20 years this course has been helping creatives achieve success in their careers.

Our alumni are the MVPs and their success speaks for itself.

“The things that have happened...since I took The Path Class, I could have never even imagined. Now, when I set out to do something, my perspective on my work is different; I have a game plan, I’m in control, positive and confident in making things happen.” -Abbi Jacobson, comedian / writer / actress / illustrator / producer (Co-creator and star of Comedy Central's Broad City, Amazon Prime's A League of Their Own. Films: Mitchells vs. the Machines, Disenchantment, and more)
“Every single class empowers artists to create their own path and to know that their career is in their hands. That was the most valuable thing I learned – THE #1 thing!” -Ilana Glazer, comedian / director / writer / producer / actress (Co-creator and star of Comedy Central's Broad City. Films: Rough Night, False Positive, The Afterparty, and more)
“Before taking the PATH class I had an idea of where I wanted my career to go, but I didn’t know how to get there. This class helped me become very clear and focused with myself in a way that made me feel like I was working toward my goals, instead of hoping for my goals.” -Sasheer Zamata, comedian / actress / writer (ABC's Home Economics, Hulu's Woke, NBC's Saturday Night Live. Films: Spree, The Weekend, and more).

In 2004 I made a shift from working as a casting director in NY because I could see the need everywhere.

The Need?

To get unstuck. Every artist and actor I was working with was stuck. They felt completely out of control, alone, and frustrated.

Not just that, they felt lost, helpless, unseen and at the mercy of gatekeepers.

Relate Much?

I designed The Creative Path to give you tools to align your big vision with a personalized path and actionable steps to make it happen.

You walk away with a structured and holistic year-long plan tailored to your specific goals.

The sooner you make a choice to have agency in your path the faster you will see success in your career and fulfillment in your life.

My signature course guides you through 12-weeks of deep exploration as you unlock your personalized system for turning big life and career goals into small, consistent, actionable steps. You walk away with the tools you need to stay focused, strategies for overcoming obstacles, and support from a community of motivated creative professionals and trained coaches…
empowering you to manage your career with clarity and purpose.

“As I began working with Capes Coaching and using the PATH course, I felt a real shift in the trajectory of my career. I became more focused on things that mattered, gained more clarity about where I wanted to be and planned a course of action to get there. The tools I learned in those sessions I still use today. I am deeply grateful to Betsy and her team and could not recommend them more!” -Lennon Parham, Actor, Writer, Director (Minx, Playing House, Bless This Mess, Veep, The House and Somebody Somewhere)

The Creative Path Curriculum

  • Module 1

    Your Big Vision

    Meet your inner coach and craft your vision statement.

  • Module 2

    Select Your Tracks

    Learn how to avoid multi-goal syndrome and select the “tracks” that are most important for you.

  • Module 3

    One Year Goals – The Foundation of Your Path

    Begin setting and embodying your SMARTE goals.

  • Module 4

    Monthly Goals – The Building Blocks Of Your Year

    Set your monthly goals and learn how to avoid the most common traps as you start to build your Path Map.

  • Module 5

    Plan Your Month

    Use our proprietary PDR Goal-Getting System to identify your resources and set specific action items for each of your goals.

  • Module 6

    Plan & Do Your Week

    Get real about your time, schedule, and commit to your weekly planning ritual.

  • Module 7

    Review Your Week

    Learn the secret sauce of our goal-getting system.

  • Module 8

    Plan Your Day

    Integrate your Path goals into your daily life.

  • Module 9

    Create Days That Make You Proud

    Get honest about how you’re spending your days so you can tackle time management, beat burnout, prevent procrastination, and overcome overwhelm.

  • Module 10

    Mindset – Support Yourself On Your Path

    Learn how to silence your inner critic and tune into your inner coach.

  • Module 11

    Authentic Networking 101

    Get the tools you need to network with integrity.

  • Module 12

    Review Your Month

    Learn how to course-correct and work your Path one month at a time to create lasting results.

What Our Alumini Say When They Finish The Course

The Community

The Creative Path Is NOT A Solo Sport.

The Path & Co. Membership community was created to provide additional support as you design your Path and move toward your goals.

This is not another social media platform where you need to perform.

In the Community you will:

  • Commit to the deep exploration of your big vision
  • Invest in a plan for realizing your goals
  • Ideate with like-minded creatives
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Get help to course-correct when you feel off track

Join our private forum and connect with our Path-trained coaches and peers who get you and what you are up against.

This is where you give yourself all the things this business will never give you - consistency, control, and community. You are seen and heard in this space.


Hi, I’m Betsy Capes and I cannot WAIT to be your coach!

Originally from St. Louis, MO, I’m a transplant to NYC like so many in the arts. I was drawn to New York for the theater. I am a mom to two amazing girls Zoe and Lucy, and I get a break from the craziness of work coaching little league softball (Go Jaspers!). Before the theater, I was a sports fanatic in my youth - tennis and ping-pong were my jam! Give me a hammock on a fall day, and a book and I’m in heaven. Not a runner, but I will run a mile to get NYC street fair corn on the cob!

Your Instructor, Your Coach

Betsy Capes (CPCC) is the founder and president of Capes Coaching. Now celebrating 18 years in business, Capes Coaching was an early pioneer in the entertainment sector and is sought after by creative professionals and institutions alike for career coaching expertise. Betsy began her career casting for and directing theater, developing a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing artists. This led to the creation of her acclaimed signature course, The Creative Path, which has helped thousands of artists and creatives cultivate and sustain fulfilling careers in the entertainment industry.

Respected for her integrity and approach, Betsy has been engaged as a guest speaker at major institutions across the entertainment sector. She is certified through the Co-Active Leadership Training (Formerly Coaches Training Institute), holds a BFA in Theater from the University of Illinois, studied Drama Therapy at NYU, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Institutions We Have Worked With

Betsy Capes is regularly called upon by institutions and creative organizations for her years of expertise and experience in the field.

Our alumni tell it like it is.

Celeste Lecesne headshot
“Whether you’re just starting out in the business or a veteran like me, The Path is an invaluable opportunity to upgrade your vision and invigorate the process of getting there. It’s not just the tools of the trade that I learned from my coach, but also the ability to see my own path blooming right in front of me.” -Celeste Lecesne (he/they), actor, author, Academy Award-winning screenwriter (Trevor), co-founder of The Trevor Project as well as co-founder of The Future Perfect Project
Cass Bugge headshot
“Hands down The Path is one of the best things I’ve done for my career. Rather than feeling like I was at the whim of the industry, I found a way to set goals that in the past felt aspirational, but Betsy offered a pathway to having more of the career I had always imagined.” -Cass Bugge, actress and writer, Night Sky, For All Mankind, Disjointed
Randy Redd headshot
“I needed the vital tools that Path provides to dig my way out of my own fortress of fear, crippling self-doubt, and persistent ambivalence.” -Randy Redd, Writer, Director, Producer

Enroll Now!

The Creative Path $997 ($1,100 value)
  • Lifetime access* to The Creative Path Course with more than 50 videos on-demand.
  • ALL supporting materials, worksheets, and resources you need to master this system so YOU can start on your personal Creative Path.
  • Three (3) months FREE membership in our private online community, Path&Co.
The Creative Path Plus $1,397 ($1,600 value)
  • Two (2) private coaching sessions with one of our certified Path Coaches.
    (45 min each)Plus!
  • Lifetime access* to The Creative Path Course with more than 50 videos on-demand.
  • ALL supporting materials, worksheets, and resources you need to master this system so YOU can start on your personal Creative Path.
  • Three (3) months FREE membership in our private online community, Path&Co.

What's the Difference?

The Creative Path

Perfect if you don't need private coaching and you are ready to dive in on your own.

Wear your PJs to class.

Get accountability from your classmates & support from our trained coaches in the community.

The Creative Path Plus

This is right for you if you're looking for one-on-one support while you are taking the course.

Your Coach helps you make the most of this journey during two strategic one-on-one sessions at key points in the course.

Once in the early part as you are committing to your Path goals for the year.

Again at the end of the course as you prepare to launch the one-year plan for your life and career.

Still Not Sure?

Risk-Free Purchase | Return Policy

The Creative Path Course is an investment in YOUR future. It's a major commitment that you are making not to us, but to yourself. By signing up, you're sending a strong message that you're ready to devote the time and energy necessary to make this investment in your life and career.

That being said, if for whatever reason you decide this is not a fit for you, you have two (2) weeks from the purchase date to cancel your participation in The Creative Path, upon which you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

(Membership in the Path&Co. community is only for students and alumni of The Creative Path. If you cancel your course participation you will automatically lose membership in the community.)

Frequently Asked Question

What if I don’t consider myself an artist?

That’s cool! Anyone can benefit from the tools and system on which this course is built. However, for decades we have adapted this course truly to the needs of creative professionals - anyone that works in a creative field, typically non-traditional format, with a strong basis in artistic practice. So we have expertise working with performers, artists, designers, comedians, writers, directors, filmmakers and more! We believe that everyone is inherently creative - often people that make money doing lots of other things have a strong creative passion or entrepreneurial desire they would like to invest in.

What type of person is usually in the class?

The students and alumni of The Creative Path are those that have reached a point in their lives where they recognize that they want to seriously advance their careers but realize they cannot do it alone and they need support. This course tends to attract creative people who are driven and ready to commit to growing their business. If you are looking for a quick fix or someone else to do the heavy lifting, this course is not a fit.

What If I’m Interested In The Creative Path Course, But Also Thinking About Private Coaching?

If we had our wish, everyone would go through The Creative Path course FIRST and then work with us privately — that’s how much we believe in this curriculum. That said, there are some instances where Private Coaching is a better fit for your needs, such as if you are looking for individual support in a specific area of your life or career (i.e. help with navigating relationships with your representation, or help making a specific career decision). If you are interested in learning more about Private Coaching, please visit the Private Coaching page on our website to get more information.

What if it’s too much for me with everything I have going on?

Only you will know what is too much for you, but considering that the purpose of this course is to help you clarify and prioritize what REALLY matters, we know this work provides focus and you will walk away feeling like your life is more manageable than before. This course is also totally on-demand so you can pace yourself according to the needs of your life.

My Friend That Referred Me To This Course Told Me It Was IRL. Will This Course Help Me If I Don’t Get To Work With Betsy In-Person?

I am so glad you asked. YES! I have been teaching this course for 18 years so in the old days, students had to be in NYC and come to 6-10 weeks of class in person. Then we expanded to teaching over zoom and our students loved being able to do the class from home. We could also reach folks from all over the world. But many that wanted to take the course could not because their schedules would not allow for it. I have been dreaming of the day when the course could be taken entirely on YOUR schedule from anywhere but with a community platform that maintained the close connections, accountability, and camaraderie that in-person sessions fostered. This is why, when you enroll to take The Creative Path now you can take the course entirely at your own pace and you get 3 months FREE membership in our Path&Co. community where you connect with fellow students and Path-trained coaches to support you on your Path.

Got Questions?

Shoot us an email at and we will get back to you.

*Lifetime access to The Creative Path is defined as the entirety of the period during which The Creative Path is available, sold, and marketed as an on-demand online course. In the event of unforeseen complications with the host platform for any reason, or should Capes Coaching, Inc. decide to no longer offer the course or cease operations, Capes Coaching, Inc. is under no obligation to provide ongoing support for or material assets of The Creative Path.